Earth Day Fortnight #1 April 16-28, 2018
"Learning from the past 50 years, planning for the next 50"

..Sharing eco-knowledge benefits others..

Session #1 Warren Green Building Warrenton Virginia 20186 9:30am 2nd floor conference room Monday April 16th, 2018

Agenda: A) Eco-Fauquier - Past / Present Eco-History

B) Sharing eco-projects, initiatives, innovation, and ideas on agriculture, business, energy, education, and technology

RSVP before March 31 ** (first 25 only)

Email planned attendance to: or

text (local area code) 2190445

"er-li" pronounced "Airlie" where Earth Day Concepts / Strategies began in the '60s via "Islands of Thought"

** If you cannot attend but have eco-related items to share: RSVP with brief details / links before April 5



WHY attend a workshop?

Week 1 April 17-20: Opportunity to forget day-by-day priorities for an hour or so. Research 50+ years ago (1962-1970) and bring one ECO-FACT to share in an area personally important to you. We know where we are today. By looking to the future and the 100th Earth Day in 2070, we can rise above politics and brainstorm what is REALLY important from an eco-perspective. Individual reservations for Tuesday April 17 (limit 10 per session).

Week 2 onsite at your location for whomever you wish to attend, morning or evening (1-2 hours). This gives your organization, friends, etc. a chance to learn about the critical findings / conclusions from Week 1 and an opportunity to determine what attendees can do over the next 12 - 24 months, building to the 50th Anniversary Wednesday April 22, 2020. Group Group entities April 23-28 5-25 / session



WHEN: Weeks 1 and 2

Week 1 April 17-20 in just an hour includes:  

1970 Earth Day #1, Where we are today (Earth Day #48)

Where are we going to be in 2070 (#100)?

Accepting reservations for Tuesday April 17 10-11am (#2) or Afternoon 4-5pm (#3)

Week 2 April 23-28 onsite at your location for your attendees: 1-2 hour sessions

Register for 10am, or after 3pm

ALL Registrations by March 31

Email preference with preferred contact



WHAT in Week 1 

RSVP to one session: Tuesday April 17 - first come, first served

1) Earth Day #1 - April 22 1970 2) Nearly 50 years have passed 3) Celebrate successes 4) Capture failures

5) ** Guided house tours: “Islands of Thought” by Dr. Murdock Head / Sen. Gaylord Nelson and the brightest students, professors, and politicians of the day who drove "Earth Day Concepts" forward

6) 2020 benchmarks 7) 100th Earth Day in 2070 8) Mandatory innovations 9) Future changes 10) How can we adapt

ALL this in EACH 1 hour workshop ** Sessions 2-9 ONLY


WHAT in Week 2: Onsite at your location

Custom sessions to reward clients / staff, educate / motivate / make a difference, 12-24 month planning from eco-perspective using prior week results = Powerful data for you to use

ALL Registrations by March 31 for details



WHO needs to attend workshops

April 16 schedule (Week 1)

Monday 9:30-11am Warren Green Building Warrenton (free)

Tuesday: Open (public) registration (sessions 2 and 3)

Attend a 1 hour workshop - Donations accepted 501c(3)


Pre-Register / RSVP by March 31

Email preferred contact to:

"er-li" pronounced "Airlie" where Earth Day Concepts / Strategies began in the '60s via "Islands of Thought"