Brighter Communities Corp. 501c (3)
Clifton House: Special Guests 10/16/18
ESCO ABM: FCPS School Board $185,000 Phase 1
FCCG / Gentle Harvest: Skype Dr. Mark Head (Paris) 9/4/18
FCPS Energy Savings: $23,248 June / July Summer Conservation Project
Fauquier Rainwater Harvesting: Craft Beer / Wine / Coffee / Farms / Gardens / Tea
International: September 2017 planning for Earth Day / Week events in 2018 - 2020 / 50th Anniversaries

Transfer Fauquier Strategic Eco-Projects


Future (above) / 2018 YTD (below)

Event 1 April 12, 2018: Receive Fauquier Earth Day Fortnight #1 "Proclamation" from Board of Supervisors, signed by Chris Butler - Complete

Kick-Off event: April 16 – Ralph Crafts - PART 2 - Water challenges / solutions Michael Rainger Fauquier Earth Day Fortnight #1 Kick-off - Complete

Fauquier is a very special place to live, work and play, with a long and productive history of sustainability.  How can Fauquier residents embrace simple, every-day concepts that affect collective Earth Day challenges of Water, Food, Energy, Nature, Health, Housing, Weather, and Plastics?

April 17-20 / 23-28 Inaugural Fauquier Earth Day Fortnight - Complete

Rainforest Trust guided tours: “Islands of Thought” in the '60s by Dr. Murdock Head / Senator Gaylord Nelson and the brightest students, professors, and politicians originating "Earth Day Concepts"

A) Eco-Fauquier - Past / Present Eco-History

B) Eco-initiatives, innovation, ideas on agriculture, business, energy, education, technology, and water conservation

Fauquier Earth Day Fortnight #1 April 17-28 Workshop content: History - Earth Day #1 1970. Understand today's eco-opportunities. Future - 100th Earth Day 2070 - Complete

Community leadership for your friends, staff, prospects, teachers, students, and parents. Understand critical findings. Discuss community impacts. Leadership opportunities. Determine future actions. Participate in community-based steps building to the 50th Earth Day Anniversary Wednesday April 22, 2020 - unique effective strategies, for everyone. Complete



1970 Earth Day #1, Where we are today (Earth Day #48)

Where are we going to be in 2070 (Earth Day #100)?

1) Earth Day #1 - April 22 1970 2) Last 50 years 3) Celebrate successes 4) Capture failures 5) 2020 benchmarks 6) 100th Earth Day in 2070 7) Innovation 8) Future changes 9) How should we adapt?  Complete

Custom sessions to reward your clients / staff, educate / motivate / make a difference, 12-24 month planning from eco-perspective using prior week results = Powerful data for you to use Complete

You want to "Make a permanent difference"

Staff, clients, prospects enjoy your presence

Education is critical to our collective future

Fauquier has done well but can do better

Eco-Projects / Initiatives help ALL of us

"er-li" pronounced "Airlie" where Earth Day Concepts / Strategies began in the '60s via "Islands of Thought"