Remington Solar / Dominion Project
Dominion Solar Project in Fauquier (ON HOLD)

Fauquier history of renewable technology innovation includes Fauquier High School solar "experiment" in 1974 / 1975. FIRST in the NATION to have solar power in OUR public school system (click 2nd image above for FCPS press release / photos). Years later we WILL be FIRST in VIRGINIA. BOS approved project 5/14/15! Enough power to supply 5000 homes!

Remington Solar / Dominion Project

Thursday, Mar. 19 | By James Ivancic  FauquierNOW  Updated comments in red May 17, 2015 Profile added September 6, 2015

Plans for a 90,000 panel solar farm near Remington received another airing March 11 before an audience of about 20** that included two Fauquier County supervisors, two candidates who want to be supervisors, and three members of the county planning commission.
**Only 10 individuals excluding professionals and politicians attended?

The presentation by Dianne Corsello, director of business development for Dominion Power, drew a larger crowd (10 is a crowd? Doubled from 5?) than the one she gave during a Remington town council meeting last month.

The latest meeting was at the Remington fire and rescue station.

Cam Jones, a Fauquier County Republican Committee member, questioned Corsello about solar versus natural gas and whether Dominion should even be building a solar facility in Fauquier when there are gas transmission lines in place.

“Solar is not ready for prime time, in my opinion. Without a government subsidy it doesn't make money,” Jones said.

We all have opinions but Cam was wrong introducing national politics into an important local issue. Public schools, individuals, entities, and businesses noted on this page support innovation, and renewable technologies! As do our over 300 "volunteers"

We believe at Dominion that we need to have diversified fuel sources,” Corsello said.

We agree Dianne! BRILLIANT!

Dominion is getting a 30 percent tax benefit from the federal government on the $47 million Remington project, she added.

The company will be paying more in property taxes, assuming the 277 acres for it is rezoned from agricultural to industrial as requested, since the latter is taxed at a higher rate. The county will likely be getting more than $100,000 in property taxes annually versus the $20,000 to $25,000 the company is paying.

Dominion already owns the land where the solar farm will go off Lucky Hill Road across from the company’s existing natural gas-fired power station.

Afterward, Sherbeyn said he thought the project “is good for the county. I've not heard how it would hurt anything in any shape or form.” Thank you Lee.

Comments by Michael Rainger  - Local energy advocate since 2004 in Fauquier. Lifetime practioner elsewhere promoting sustainabilty everywhere.

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